Remote Connectivity

Remote connectivity technologies allow us to be able to work from anywhere in the world using our phones, tablets, or computers seamlessly as if we were actually in the office. Site to site and remote user connectivity is a crucial component of almost every major network infrastructure, but doing it securely is even more important. Whether you are using VPN technology, Microsoft's Directaccess, or terminal services, it is detrimental that good security policies are in place. Employing encryption protocol's such as IPSec, or SSL keeps your data safe from would-be hackers who could use your data for malicious reasons.

If you have several branch offices or retail stores that need to share data with one another, a site to site or a mesh VPN solution might be what you need. We can assist you with the entire process of deciding on a remote connectivity technology that suits your company's needs, as well as the implementation.

Enterprises looking for a step up from a traditional VPN can take advantage of Microsoft's Directaccess technology. Networks that use Directaccess benefit greatly because any computer anywhere that has internet access is granted admittance to the network. With Directaccess, there is no need to worry about VPN software, passwords, or downtime. For assistance configuring Directaccess or any other remote access solution, call or email us today.

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